do you like yellow?


I was bothered by this type of questions for a long time. Music genre. Sport. Any type of thing that can be done / organized / made / ... somewhere between shitty and great on your personal feeling spectrum. And, like a shape of sunglasses, a font or a book, it can better or worse fit certain life phase, current priorities or that shiny carrot you are chasing right now. What's your favorite book then? My usual answer was like, 'see, there is shitty yellow and awesome yellow, right?'. And the discussion never went well because of severe incompatibility of fundamental terms we use.

I don't have safe premade answers because when I do answer in this manner, I end up believing the shit I say. So I almost always resort to giving abridged answers that come from the deep, so that I make sure not to rewrite parts of me.

What, favorite book? It's 'journey to the end of the night', and yours?


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