new year resolutions


It's my first time making such a list so I don't see anything wrong with that yet. Crossing out all this will make me another person, and I can't wait to meet them.

This year I wish to consolidate all the good things happened in my life lately: a career switch, moving to a new country. Nothing too ambitious or creative yet.

Work & education

  • Code better: at the moment, everything seems set for the progress to happen. I learn a lot daily and even have a moment to watch what's happening around & think about challenges well out of my zone of influence (so far).

  • Continue exploring things that interest me but I don't have a chance to work with (yet) like Machine Learning, Kubernetes, and Rust.

  • Develop my language exchange platform. This is a pet project I was and am very excited about, but until now I had no headspace to work regularly on it.

  • Compete & solve LeetCode regularly again. I see the whole CP & LeetCode experience as the biggest boost my problem-solving abilities have seen in years, so what I want is to continue doing that on regular basis.

  • Speak better French and Dutch: the two were moving at breakneck speed last year. Decent progress is the goal, as well as to make native speakers switch to English less often when they hear me speaking.


  • Shift from being permitted to reside in the country as a wife to being able to stay as a skilled and valuable worker. Seems totally doable with my new marvellous job.

  • Move to Antwerpen. Depends on the previous one as I have no right to do that with wife visa without losing work & residence rights.

  • Sell my apartment eventually. Manging mortgage and renting out from abroad is a forced connection with the country with which I wish to cut any remaining connection.

Health & well-being

  • Yoga: complete 500-hour YTT in Katmandu or similar and regular practice throughout the year.

  • Run consciously. Even though I'm totally happy with the four 13km runs regime that I currently have, I'd love to find interest in running again. Racing, lunch break runs, health, some constructive upward spiral.

  • Engage in drawing again. Goes with the same for books.

  • Lose a lot of weight. I mean, 5-10 kilograms. I'm bored with the body I have had for more than 10 years, and I don't have to maintain racing weight anymore. And this year I'll turn 30, so I want to age gracefully.


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